Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Speaking of the 21st century....

Tara you have got to get texting..... There are things that I don't need to call you about. I just need to send you a quick text! Come on..... It will probably be advice on guys (not this time but sometime) and then you get to laugh at how retarded I am.... Just do it! For me and Kasey and Liam who wants to text me from your phone.

(I have no pictures because I have no laptop.... My MAC is down)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Favorite Part of you Leaving....

Was when we all started to drive away, crying of course, and then all had to pull back in the parking spots because we forgot to give the other one something.... We might be a little bit alike. :)

Love you and miss you!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone look here....

I should of counted how many times we yelled.... "Look here and smile" and of course we said it in our kind voice...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two Tickets Please


We are coming to see you!!!! So, I know you haven't left yet and that we will see you on Friday but if something happens and we don't see you before you leave, we will see you in October!!! October 19.... and you will get us for 5 days! I am so excited to see NC in the fall. I love fall and sisters.

AK (and KC)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#1 Daughter, I mean Daughter #1 is finally here!

Some of my favorite places in OK
* Daylight Donuts! Good breakfast (those donuts melt in your mouth!), ok lunch and so close to school.
* Slide Park for a number of reasons. Bahahaha. Just kidding. We loved going to play there with the stinky enclosed ladder.
* Town & Country Pool (where I am getting ready to go). Countless hours we spent swimming, playing, ploting and loving life!!

That's all I have for now!! I'm off to soak in the sun & enjoy an afternoon with 3 of my favorite kids. Jealous much???

Love ya!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More from No.2

**Tipton--It is so much of who we are...and the first place I shot a gun...one of the first times I really began to understand about roots.

**Sulphur--I just remember always having so much fun there with our family.

Moving Week- comments by #3

Deam's Bean Scene- How many hours did we spend there in High School? I loved $1.25 bottomless tea and  $1.00 cinnamon toast. I have never found a coffee shop as cool as Deam's.

Burnt Cabin- Best summers of my life were spent there, with some of my favorite people.

Discovery Land- Who doesn't like watching Oklahoma, outside, while eating strawberry shortcake.

Love you sister and hope this week last forever. :)

Moving Week

Okay since this is packing/moving week for me (sigh, we can't even go to the "sad place"...I might not recover), I thought it might be fun to list our favorite places in OK and memories we have associated with that place...and GO!

love, No.2

**Frontier City--I can't help it.  As a kid,  I loved that place with its black top that smelled and burned your feet--through your shoes.   And the super expensive food and lame shows.  What wasn't there to like?!

**Don Pablos--I know random but I went there with Elisa when I was in middle school and it solidified my love of Mexican food...and love affair that I am afraid will NEVER die.

I have a few more but I want to see what you guys add...and then I'll add some more.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

I loved you so much, I spent money on you.

I have surprises for you from Dallas.... the sooner you see me the sooner you get them. :) And tara your is not a surprise because you asked me to get it for you... oh well.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daughter #3 is here!

Love the lay out KC! Oh this is going to be great and Mom & Dad will love it. Sorry Nate.... you can do a cameo spot every month.
I'm on and I'm in...this will be too fun.

Hey Sisters!!

I thought that we should go ahea and start our fablous blog together before Tara actually leaves! What fun this is going to be. Feel free to change anything I have done. I am very new at this!! I can't wait for all the pictures, funny stories and whatever else is posted here.
love you girls!